2016 Copper Classic Outdoor results


2016 Copper Classic Outdoor, Hosted by 3G Archery 

First annual outdoor Copper Classic, with a 36 Arrow qualifying round and then Round Robins, was a great success. The morning weather was beautiful, cloudy and cool and light breezes. Then when it came time for the head to head rounds after lunch, there were head winds that gusted to 32+ miles per hour coming through the passes from north of the Ben Avery FITA Range. 

Experience proved to be the dominating factor for the round robin rounds in all flights. In the top flight, the first 3 seeds were young local contenders with high scores of 334 for Paxton LaSatz, 328 for Travis Lavario and 326 for Vance LaSatz. Yet the winner of the flight was 4 th seeded Wade Flake, an Elite sponsored AZ veteran shooter, won all 5 matches to be crowned Copper Flight Outdoor Champion 2016.

The Turquoise Flight was decided by a one arrow shoot off between a young lady sponsored by Bowtech, Claudia Wilcox and Veteran Shooter William Griffin, who had just missed the Copper flight by “X” count as he had a tie score with the last seed in the Copper Flight. Claudia started the flight in the fourth seeded position, a mere 16 points shy of the Copper Flight and first seed in the Turquoise Flight.

The Quartz and Jade Flights were contested at 30m by bowman and cub aged archers. While the Quartz Flight was led by Zach Sornoza with a ranking score of 341, Keil Amundsen, also a cub yet a year younger, gave him a run for his money. The Quartz Flight was decided by the last 3 arrows shot. 

We almost had a recurve bowman young lady pull out a win over a young compound bowman girl as well. Aby Jonovich led the round at 4-2, then Shaylee Smith came on strong and finished the last 3 ends to win the Jade flight.

Congratulations to all the competitors and Thank You to all the support from 3G shooters and Corner Kidz. Without their support to put on this tournament, it wouldn’t have happen. We look forward to an even larger field of archers next year and at the Indoor Copper Classic next month.