2016 Copper Classic Results and Story

Here is the event Story and Qualifying scores posted by 3G Archery.

” Copper Classic 2016 is in the books.

Couple of Fun Facts:

  • Jeremy Corridori perfect 300 score and won the Copper flight with only dropping 4 points out of the next 67 arrows. Paxton LaSatz almost made Jeremy shoot for the win,but a one arrow shoot off gave Jeremy the solid win by winning all 5 round robins. Great Shooting Jeremy, Maybe next year, last years winner Nathan Yamaguchi will come back to challenge you for the Copper Championship.
  • While the Turquoise flight champion is Tom Pollei,
  • Quarts Flight took Caytie Belzner 3 one arrow shoot off’s to win. She worked hard for that trophy but proved that experience pays off.
  • Jade flight winner was 3 seeded Adam Vainauskas by winning all his matches agains compound and recurve alike.
  • In the Amethyst flight (Bowman/Cub) the win goes to Keil Amundsen who also won all of his matches. 

We hope everyone had a great time. Pictures to follow shortly but here is a list of Ranking round scores.

Stone Hendrickson 264 Comp Bowman Male
Cole Lickfeldt 208 Comp Bowman Male

Shaylee Smith 226 Comp Bowman Female

Chloe Hendrickson 237 Rec Cub Female

Kiel Amundsen 286 Comp Cub Male
Zach Neilson 266 Comp Cub Male
Gus Clark 240 Comp Cub Male

Allyson Liguori 215 Comp Cub Female

Zoey Wapniarski 258 Rec Cadet Female

Jeremy Corridori 300 Comp Cadet Male
Logan Sampsel 297 Comp Cadet Male
Vance LeSatz 294 Comp Cadet Male
Travis Levario 293 Comp Cadet Male
Zachary Sornoza 286 Comp Cadet Male
Sean Kerby 285 Comp Cadet Male

Claudia Wilcox 290 Comp Cadet Female
Elisa Keller 289 Comp Cadet Female

Paxton LeSatz 298 Comp Junior Male

Danii Gunn 283 Comp Junior Female

Adam Vainauskas 253 Rec Senior Male

Matthew Fyffe 297 Comp Senior Male
Tom Pollei 292 Comp Senior Male
Anthony Castiglione 245 Comp Senior Male

Abigail Jonovich 256 Rec Bowman Female
Ava Burden 183 Rec Bowman Female

Lesley Whaley 285 Comp Senior Female

Courtney Walth 259 Rec Master Male
Arthur Stanley 207 Rec Master Male

Walter Smith 287 Comp Master Male
David Hash 287 Comp Master Male
Richard Orth 284 Comp Master Male
Bud Lord 279 Comp Master Male

Caytie Belzner 278 Comp Master Female
Stephanie Lord 273 Comp Master Female

Janice Walth VI 122 VI Comp Senior Male “