2016 USA Archery Judge Seminar

USA Archery Arizona Judge Seminar, October 29, 30 2016, Phoenix, Arizona.

2016 USA Archery Judge Seminar

Left to Right :  Robert Pian, Mark French, Paul Miller, Kristy Wapniarski, Mike Cullumber, Kerry Nickerson, Lester Chin, Frank Buck, Brent Harmon IL, Diana LaBeau, Sandra Reynolds, Terry LaBeau, Krista Colonna, John Gentile, Jeff Greer TN, Charles Corridori, Thomas Quigg, Tony Kerby, Gary Yamaguchi and Wendy Whalen CA.

Eighteen students took part in the 2016 USA Archery Arizona beginner and advance two day judge seminar, 7-8 hours per day.  Out of Arizona attendees came from Tennessee, Illinois, Colorado and California.  The seminar was hosted by International Judge, Bob Pian and International Judge C, Mike Cullumber.

Thank you to the North Mountain Business Alliance and Specialized Services Company who donated the meeting center with logistics help by Arvid Veidmark.  The last advanced judge seminar in Arizona took place in 2014 in conjunction with the Arizona Cup.  Stay tuned to World Archery, World Archery Americas and USA Archery for information about future judge seminars.  


The seminar included:

  • Stand and deliver lecture and handouts.
  • WA, USA Archery and USA Archery Arizona JOAD handouts.
  • Power point and pdf World Archery presentation including;
  • Philosophy and attitude.
  • Equipment inspection.
  • Venue layout.
  • Line and Target judging.
  • Multi face target shooting mistake scoring.
  • Individual matches.
  • Team matches.
  • Para Archery.
  • Hands on exhibits and demonstrations.
  • Judging and DOS tools.
  • Equipment inspection.
  • Exercises and training.
  • Calling arrows.
  • Measuring closest to the middle.
  • Alternate shooting line and target judging.
  • 1 meter line team round yellow card.
  • Case study discussions.

Refreshments, snack and lunch encouraged interaction.  Four attendees took the USA Archery National judge test, official results pending.  The seminar was well received.

“Thank you attendees for the energetic participation and discussions” Bob Pian

 Improvements for next time:

  • More case study discussion.
  • Field archery information.
  • Local vs National vs International rules application differences.
  • Q and A time.