2017 USA Archery AZ Board Elections

  • 2017 USA Archery AZ Board Election

    There are 3 open board positions that you are able to vote for in 2017.  The term that they will serve is October 2017-October 2019. Please review the candidates below, and then make your voice heard by voting. 

    – You must be a resident of the state of Arizona.
    – You must have a current USA Archery membership. 
    – You must be 18 years or older.

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    Questions? Please contact Kristy Wapniarski, Secretary


    Roland K. Brown

    1975. 1983-1992 Began archery with my daughter as a Father/Daughter thing but she soon decided that ballet was far more interesting. I continued as i enjoyed the competitive aspect of the sport. During this time, I became a shooter at The Archers Den where I met Al Henderson. With his guidance I became State Indoor and Southwest Sectional Champion from 1986-1990 except 1989.

    Archery Experience:
    Present: Renewed my interest in Archery in 2007 and in 2009 qualified to compete in the Senior Olympics in Houston, Texas. As of January 2017, I now hold the Arizona State Indoor Championship for Seniors for the past four years. I am listed as member #1 at the Arizona Archery Club and am currently a Pro Staff Shooter for them. I currently hold a level III coaching certificate and help run the beginner’s class at the club every Tuesday evening for 6 weeks at a time. Have been asked to help with Outside companies that want to have a team building experience with their employees. I also help out on Saturdays mornings with the JOAD and any customer that comes in needing help.



    Krista Colonna

    As a family, we discovered archery six years ago at the AZ Game and Fish Expo at Ben Avery. Since then, the sport has dominated my weeks, weekends, and travel. What started as an interest for my daughter, quickly grew into her sport of choice and a passion for me. I learned how to shoot a bow and earned my Level 2 Instructor’s Certificate. Wanting to give back to the sport and the community, I started working with the JOAD at Arizona Archery Club. Since then, I have earned my Level 3 Coaching Certificate, USA Judging Credentials, volunteer as the co-coordinator for AZ State JOAD, and help with most tournaments in the state.

    I truly enjoy serving the archery community and helping to grow the sport in the state of Arizona. Between working full time as a Product Manager for American Express and volunteering with JOAD, my house is cluttered, but my heart is happy. It would be an honor to serve the sport and the community as a member of the board for USA Archery in Arizona.

    Archery Experience:
    • JOAD Coach, Arizona Archery Club, 2015 – Present
    • Level 3 Archery Coach, 2016
    • Certified Judge, 2016 – Present
    • Co-Coordinator AZ JOAD, 2016 – Present
    • Assistant DOS and Announcer, multiple state tournaments and Arizona Cup
    • IANSEO and Scoring Experience, multiple local and state tournaments



    Charles Corridori


    In 2010 I returned to the sport of archery after a 20 year hiatus. I introduced my lost love of archery to my family, and our lives have revolved around it ever since.

    Shortly after returning to competition a wise man made a statement that completely changed my outlook. He said that these JOAD kids only have a few years to truly enjoy this great sport before life takes over. I took that statement to heart and decided that I needed to fill a different role. In a sport that is built mainly on parents and volunteers, I needed to help wherever possible.

    Since that time I have taken Instructor courses, helped coach, provided equipment support and bow tuning to JOAD competitors, participated in planning and running Charity events, and acting as a Judge / Director of Shooting for local and National competitions. My goal is to insure that Arizona archers have quality training and competitive events to attend.

    As part of the board my main focus would be to find more ways to build participation in all of World Archery’s competitive forms, Target, Field, and 3D.

    Archery Experience:
    – Former JOAD and Collegiate Archer.
    – USA Archery Judge / DOS.
    – USAA Level 3 Coach.



    Diana LaBeau

    I’m a retired editor from The U.S. and International Archer magazine. My husband, Terry, and I have spent our lives shooting archery, judging tournaments, traveling and generally living a great life. I have spent many terms on both the Arizona State Archery Association and USA Archery Arizona Board of Directors serving as Member at Large and Treasurer. I am currently a National Judge. I have judged numerous National, State and Local events over the course of my 40 years in archery. Years ago, we put a bumper sticker on our truck that said “Archery is my Life” … at that time, I thought that was kind of pathetic. Now, about 25 years later, I know that it a wonderful statement! The archery family is very close and supportive.

    My desire to remain on the USA Archery Arizona Board of Directors is strong. I enjoy representing southern Arizona. My years of experience have provided me with a lot of insight into the sport from an athlete’s perspective, as a judge, as a small archery business owner and as a photographer/editor. I love our sport and stay in touch with updates and improvements.

    Archery Experience:
    After moving to Arizona back in 1978, I took up archery in order to bowhunt all year. When my son was graduating from High School, I decided to go back to college. The archery coach offered me a full ride scholarship if I would shoot on the archery team! That changed my entire life. While learning to shoot recurve and compete, I worked with the assistant coach who taught me a lot but was very strict. A year or so later, I started dating that coach (Terry LaBeau) and we are married and sharing our love of the sport to this day. I’ve competed in NFAA bowhunter classes and Olympic style tournaments including 4 Olympic Trials, Collegiate Nationals where I earned All American and Field archery tournaments. My experience includes compound/fingers, compound release and recurve (my passion).



    Ryan Nielson

    My name is Ryan Nielsen and I was born and raised in Arizona. My kids, Autumn and Patrick, are the reason I got involved in the sport of archery back in 2012. Both my kids, Autumn and Patrick have been shooting at a competitive level since 2012 and I decided to give it a shot (literally)! I have been shooting both competitive and non-competitive tournaments for years and enjoy working in and around archery. My wife, Heather, is also involved in archery as not only a shooter but also a coach. Archery has been great for our family over the years. Because of our family being involved in archery, we have made many friends and acquaintances over the years. Outside of archery our family enjoys camping, boating, going on vacations, and relaxing at home.

    My goal in being a part of the USA Archery Arizona board is to further help promote and grow the sport of archery locally. By using contacts within and outside of the archery community I believe that I can help promote and grow all aspects of sport.

    Archery Experience:
    I started shooting archery in 2012 when my kids got involved with JOAD. I have competed in numerous local tournaments to include target, 3D, and field. I have a good understanding of the rules and regulations associated with each type of event and how they run. I have traveled to tournaments outside of Arizona to include The Vegas Shoot, USAT events, and JOAD national events. I have worked with Rhonda at Corner Archery and understand the inner workings of both compound and recurve bows as well as how to setup and tune each one. Additionally, I have personally designed and setup a tournament for Arizona’s very own Eric Bennett in which money was raised to help support his Olympic endeavors.



    Bob Pian

    Grew up and attended grade school, high school and ASU all in Tempe. Partner at SPS+ Architects. Married with a former JOAD daughter. I would like the three current board members and new board member as needed to have board representation from each of the USA Archery Arizona Clubs. However, if there are not enough candidates or if the board would like me to seek election, I would like to serve as needed.

    Archery Experience:
    Have served the local target archery community since 2001 in various capacities including;
    · Club leader
    · Instructor/Coach
    · Arizona State Archery Association Board Member serving as treasurer, secretary, vice president and president.
    · State JOAD Coordinator
    · Tournament organizer
    · JOAD parent

    I serve nationally as follows;
    · USA Archery Rules and Officials Committee
    · National Archery Association Foundation Board Member
    · USA Archery Judge, Director of Shooting and Chair of Judges
    · Easton Foundation and Archery Trade Association consultant.

    I participate internationally as follows;
    · International Judge, Chair of Judges, Chair of the Jury of Appeals.
    · Technical Delegate

    Arizona club affiliations:
    · Founding leadership of Papago Archery, Desert Sky Archers and Paseo Vista Archery Club.
    · Current Arizona JOAD Club leader.

    It has been a pleasure to actively serve USA Archery Arizona since 2001 and be a part of the quality growth of our sport. Our quality events and programs including the Arizona Cup, state championships, judge seminars, JOAD club symposiums, club workshops, club and world team member grants, provide our states archers with the opportunity reach their highest potential. I strongly support the states continued leadership in the national target archery community on behalf of the Arizona target archery community.


    Sandra Reynolds

    My life experiences make me a good candidate for serving on this board. Besides my varied experience with archery, I have a master’s degree in coaching and educational administration. These have given me experience in marketing, administration, and financial management of organizations, all of which are needed to effectively run an organization like USA Archery Arizona. I would like to be a member of the board to help grow the sport of archery and enhance programs and opportunities available to archers.

    Archery Experience:
    I have a wide variety of experience in archery: Level 4 NTS Coach, Level 3 Coach Trainer, Archery club leader, National Archery Judge, Parent of an archer, Recreational archer, and Archery hunter. These varied roles allow me to represent different perspectives in board discussions.