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USA Archery High Draw Policy

USA Archery has released a new “High Draw” procedure for Judges to follow at all registered USA events.  This policy is based off of World Archery rules, and can ultimately end in a disqualification of the archer if their “Form” is not altered.

It is important for JOAD Clubs, Coaches and Parents to be aware of the safety policy.  We don’t want our archers learning a new shooting form during an event, and we really do not want them to be dis-qualified and asked to leave.

Here is the text of the USA Archery Policy Procedure released to judges.  Below I have attached a link to the actual USA Archery High Draw policy PDF.

”  USAA High Draw Procedures

What is considered a High Draw?
High Draw as defined by World Archery Rule Book 3, art. 12.9: An athlete, when drawing back the string of his bow uses any technique which, in the opinion of the Judges, could allow the arrow, if accidentally released, to fly beyond a safety zone or safety arrangements (overshoot area, net, wall etc.).

Notes from the WA Judge Guidelines:
The Judge must consider the position of the bow arm and the direction of the arrow at the moment the string is pulled back.  Besides, it is a fact that there is more reason to be concerned about compound athletes than recurve, as the latter has more control vis-à-vis an unintentional release.

During the last couple of years, we have also seen that several athletes are pulling their bow sidewise, which especially in a Finals field means that the pull in fact is directed towards the spectators. This is of course not acceptable, and have to be picked up by the judges as early as possible.

Considering these parameters, there will always be wise to have more Judges to study the athlete in question, also involving the Chairperson. Taking a picture at the critical point in the draw or a video of the archer in action can be helpful to show the archer what the judge is seeing.

When is High Draw enforced?
Archers determined to be using/utilizing a high draw shall be notified at any USA Archery sanctioned event.

What is the procedure for notifying the archer?
• The judge who identifies an archer with a high draw shall observe the archer shoot several times.
• The same judge will ask the opinion of other judges on the field.
• Having a consensus with other judges, the issue is then discussed with the Chair of Judges (COJ).
• IF the COJ upholds the high draw assessment, he/she will speak to the coach or parent of the archer. If no coach or parent is present, then the COJ will talk directly with the archer. The COJ will ask the archer to adjust their draw process. If this cannot be done, the COJ may ask the archer to stop shooting.
• It is important for the line judge to keep checking back during the event.
• The line judge may even take photos of the archer to support their assessment.

What are the consequences for the archer who fails to act on a high draw call?
As outlined in WA Rule Book 3, art. 12.9: If an athlete persists in using such a technique, he shall, in the interest of safety, be asked by the Chairperson of the Tournament Judge Commission (COJ) or the Director of Shooting (DOS) to stop shooting immediately and
to leave the field.

Additionally, WA Rule Book 3, art. 15.1.8 An athlete who persists in using a dangerous method of drawing the string in the opinion of the Judges, shall be asked by the chairperson of the Tournament Judge Commission (COJ) or the Director of Shooting (DOS) to stop shooting immediately and shall be disqualified (see Article 12.9). …”


Click Here – USAA Archery High Draw Procedures

2017 USA Archery AZ Coach Symposium, Oct 1

Arizona Coaches,

Hard to believe, but fall is just around the corner and it is time for our Second Annual Arizona Coaches‘ Symposium.

USA Archery Arizona and Arizona JOAD would like to extend an invitation to all USA Archery Coaches (Levels 1 – 5) to register for a day of networking and continuing education.

Date – October 1, 2017 – 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Location – SSC Boring , 1951 W North Ln, Phoenix, AZ 85021
Cost – $30 per Coach (to help cover costs for the facility, lunch, and speakers)

Registration Deadline is September 24, 2017.

We will be capping registration at 50 Participants.

Agenda Follows:
• 8:30 a.m. – Doors Open – Coffee/Donuts/Check-In 
• 9:00 a.m. – Intro/Start/Tournaments and Updates – Rick Bachman 
• 9:45 .a.m. – Break 
• 10:00 a.m. – Opti International – Judi Adams and Debbie Crews Presentation and Workshop 
• 12:00 p.m. – Lunch 
• 1:00 p.m. – NTS- Compound and Recurve presentation – Steve Yee 
• 1:45 p.m. – Break 
• 2:00 p.m. – NTS – Compound and Recurve workshop – Steve Yee 
• 3:00 p.m. – Fund Raising Presentation – Krista Colonna 
• 3:45 p.m. – Break 
• 4:00 p.m. – USA Judging Update – Bob Pian 
• 5:00 p.m. – Conclude

Click Here for Link to Online Registration

2017 Regional Judge Seminars

USA Archery is holding several Judge Seminars in different parts of the Country through the rest of 2017.  Here is a brief description from the USA Archery Website.

“……As USA Archery events continue to grow, we are proud to offer several Regional Judge Seminars for 2017. These seminars are designed for both new and experienced judges of all levels; whether you are an experienced Certified or National Judge looking to further your knowledge, or if you are new to judging, this course has much to offer. International Judge, Mike Cullumber will lead these two-day seminars and certification courses. The curriculum will focus on educating and developing judges at all levels. Topics will include:

•       Philosophy of Judging
•       Communications with Organizers/Coaches/Archers
•       Judges Responsibilities before, during and after the tournament
•       Arrow Value Calling and Scoring procedures
•       Indoor Scoring
•       Equipment Inspection Procedures
•       Rules – Where to find them and how to read them…………”


For more details visit the USA Archery website, link is below.

Click Here for link to Info



2016 USA Archery Judge Seminar

USA Archery Arizona Judge Seminar, October 29, 30 2016, Phoenix, Arizona.

2016 USA Archery Judge Seminar

Left to Right :  Robert Pian, Mark French, Paul Miller, Kristy Wapniarski, Mike Cullumber, Kerry Nickerson, Lester Chin, Frank Buck, Brent Harmon IL, Diana LaBeau, Sandra Reynolds, Terry LaBeau, Krista Colonna, John Gentile, Jeff Greer TN, Charles Corridori, Thomas Quigg, Tony Kerby, Gary Yamaguchi and Wendy Whalen CA.

Eighteen students took part in the 2016 USA Archery Arizona beginner and advance two day judge seminar, 7-8 hours per day.  Out of Arizona attendees came from Tennessee, Illinois, Colorado and California.  The seminar was hosted by International Judge, Bob Pian and International Judge C, Mike Cullumber.

Thank you to the North Mountain Business Alliance and Specialized Services Company who donated the meeting center with logistics help by Arvid Veidmark.  The last advanced judge seminar in Arizona took place in 2014 in conjunction with the Arizona Cup.  Stay tuned to World Archery, World Archery Americas and USA Archery for information about future judge seminars.  


The seminar included:

  • Stand and deliver lecture and handouts.
  • WA, USA Archery and USA Archery Arizona JOAD handouts.
  • Power point and pdf World Archery presentation including;
  • Philosophy and attitude.
  • Equipment inspection.
  • Venue layout.
  • Line and Target judging.
  • Multi face target shooting mistake scoring.
  • Individual matches.
  • Team matches.
  • Para Archery.
  • Hands on exhibits and demonstrations.
  • Judging and DOS tools.
  • Equipment inspection.
  • Exercises and training.
  • Calling arrows.
  • Measuring closest to the middle.
  • Alternate shooting line and target judging.
  • 1 meter line team round yellow card.
  • Case study discussions.

Refreshments, snack and lunch encouraged interaction.  Four attendees took the USA Archery National judge test, official results pending.  The seminar was well received.

“Thank you attendees for the energetic participation and discussions” Bob Pian

 Improvements for next time:

  • More case study discussion.
  • Field archery information.
  • Local vs National vs International rules application differences.
  • Q and A time.

USA Archery announces rules changes for 2016

1 – National events WILL now be using Inner Ten scoring in the Compound Bowman and Cub classes.  Here is the actual text from the press release.  “……USA Archery, with the consideration and approval of the JOAD Committee, is making changes for the JOAD National Indoor Championships format. Compound Cub and Bowman will now score using the inner 10-ring.  This change will make the scoring for these two age classes the same as what they shoot in  the National Indoor Championships……”

2 – Also, Barebow has been added as a seperate class at the National events. Here is the text from the press release. “…. Additionally, Barebow has been added to the National Indoor program as a developmental division……”

3 – USA Archery has released their ruling on the new World Archery total ban on Camo.  Here is the text from the press release.  “……USA Archery is also releasing an update on Camo. Early in 2015, World Archery published an updated by-law to the rules governing Camo clothing and equipment. Camo colors are those traditionally found in nature: blacks, greys, greens, sand, beige, and whites (forest or desert situations). These new by-laws, which apply to World Archery events from World Ranking tournaments to multi-sport games, Continental Championships, World Championships and Olympic/Paralympic Games, state the following:

  • Book 3 Target – Chapter 11 – Article 11.3.3: Athlete equipment shall not include camouflage colors of any kind.
  • Book 3 Target – Chapter 20 – Article 20.1.1: No demin, jeans or camouflage clothes and equipment may be worn, no any oversize or baggy type pants or shorts.
  • Book 4 Field and 3D – Chapter 33 – Article 33.3: Clothing and equipment shall not be camouflage. 

USA Archery has determined that we will allow camo colored equipment at all sanctioned events. Camo clothing is still not allowed. This new by-law will impact any archer who plans on attending the 2016 Arizona Cup because it is World Ranking Event for both able-body and Para athletes.  

For questions related to the indoor events schedule and registration, please contact National Events Manager Sheri Rhodes at For a complete list of USA Archery sanctioned tournaments, including state championship events, click here……….”