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Upcoming Events – Spring 2016

There are a couple of great volunteer opportunities coming up for Arizona JOAD Kids and parents! Both great opportunities for the kids to earn volunteer hours for school or NHS.
April 7/11  –  The following weekend is The Arizona Cup – the biggest and most high profile archery event in Arizona.  Olympians and World Champions compete in this one and we have a great opportunity for our kids and adults to volunteer during the event!  The tournament runs April 7 – 11th, and volunteers are needed to be score runners, Archer’s Agents, etc…  Please note – the volunteers for this event need to have a good understanding of archery rules, scoring, etiquette, and have the strength and height to pull arrows from the outdoor targets at Ben Avery. 
Here is a link to the Volunteer Spot to sign up directly:  
Here is a link to the event itself:
If interest, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jackie Levario or Krista Colonna if you have questions or need clarification.   Email: