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USA Archery Dress code updates, Effective 1-1-2017

USA Archery has updated the dress code for Archery Tournaments. This Dress Code change is effective on 1-1-2017.  It is important for Archers to read and understand the dress code rules.  USA Archery Arizona will be enforcing the National rules at all sanctioned events.
The rule change is based on Leggings, Stretch Type, or Yoga Pants.  This type of clothing can only be worn Underneath length compliant Shorts, or skirts.  Please make sure to read and understand the highlighted rule # 3 below.
Here is a letter sent out by USAA-Arizona Secretary Kristy W.
“………Happy New Year!
With the new year upon us, we have some new updates for archers. Effective January 1st, 2017, there are new rules that will be enforced in regards to the dress code. Please see the details below and ask your coach, club director or simply hit reply if you have any questions about the changes. (PLEASE NOTE #3)

USA Archery Dress Code Policy

The USA Archery Dress Code Policy applies to the following individuals when in front of the Spectator Line at USA Archery Sanctioned Events:

(a) Athletes, coaches, managers, credentialed media, team officials, tournament officials, and archer agents.

1. Must present a professional, athletic appearance while on the field. (Torn, ripped or badly faded clothing articles are not allowed.) Clothing may be of any color, except as noted below.

2. No camo or blue denim (jeans) may be worn at target events. Accessories such as trim on shirts, caps, quivers, armguards, footwear, etc., are permitted to be camo. At field events, denim may be worn but camo may not be worn.

3. Shorts, skorts and skirts must not be shorter than fingertip length while standing normally. Leggings (tight fitting/yoga-type stretch pants) may be worn with compliant shorts, skorts or skirts.

4. Men and women are required to wear upper garments covering the front and back of the body and covering the midriff when at full draw. Women’s upper garments shall have a minimum strap of 3″ or sleeves. Men’s upper garments shall have short or long sleeves.

5. Shoes must cover the entire foot. Sport/athletic shoes are recommended to all athletes and coaches during target events.

6. At no time will any athlete or coach wear any article bearing any image or language to be considered offensive to others.

7. When participating in the U.S. National Outdoor Collegiate Championships and USA Archery Outdoor Collegiate Regionals, archers and team officials must wear tops that indicate what school they are representing. Apparel must conform to all university rules regarding school logo usage. During the Team and Mixed Team Rounds, all members of one team by class and division shall be dressed in the same team uniform. The teams of one school may wear different design and color uniforms (i.e. team in different classes and divisions are not required to match). Team coaches and managers may wear adifferent style uniform than the team, but should wear the same colors and should be easily identified as the official of their team. Headwear is optional. In the case of inclement weather, exceptions will be made by Chairman of Judges (i.e. raingear, jackets, etc.).


2017 AZ State Indoor – Jan 6-8

Online Scoring for the AZ State Indoor Championship can be found at this Weblink.      Click Here for Online Scoring

Registration has opened up for the 2017 Arizona State Indoor Championships.  The event is being held at the Ben Avery Indoor range on January 6 – 8th.

This years indoor is being run by the Desert Sky Archers.  For event details, and online registration click on the link below.  

– Click Here For Link


2017 US Archery Indoor Nationals. Feb 10 – Mar 12.

Registration for the 2017 Indoor Nationals, and the JOAD Indoor Nationals have opened up.  Keep in mind that these are 2 different events being held on the same weekend.  If you want to compete in both, you have to register for both events.

There are many locations around the US where you can attend and compete.  The dates range from February 17 through March 10.  

Below is the link to the USA Archery webpage with all the information and registration Links.

Click Here for USA Archery Webpage

2016 Copper Classic Outdoor results


2016 Copper Classic Outdoor, Hosted by 3G Archery 

First annual outdoor Copper Classic, with a 36 Arrow qualifying round and then Round Robins, was a great success. The morning weather was beautiful, cloudy and cool and light breezes. Then when it came time for the head to head rounds after lunch, there were head winds that gusted to 32+ miles per hour coming through the passes from north of the Ben Avery FITA Range. 

Experience proved to be the dominating factor for the round robin rounds in all flights. In the top flight, the first 3 seeds were young local contenders with high scores of 334 for Paxton LaSatz, 328 for Travis Lavario and 326 for Vance LaSatz. Yet the winner of the flight was 4 th seeded Wade Flake, an Elite sponsored AZ veteran shooter, won all 5 matches to be crowned Copper Flight Outdoor Champion 2016.

The Turquoise Flight was decided by a one arrow shoot off between a young lady sponsored by Bowtech, Claudia Wilcox and Veteran Shooter William Griffin, who had just missed the Copper flight by “X” count as he had a tie score with the last seed in the Copper Flight. Claudia started the flight in the fourth seeded position, a mere 16 points shy of the Copper Flight and first seed in the Turquoise Flight.

The Quartz and Jade Flights were contested at 30m by bowman and cub aged archers. While the Quartz Flight was led by Zach Sornoza with a ranking score of 341, Keil Amundsen, also a cub yet a year younger, gave him a run for his money. The Quartz Flight was decided by the last 3 arrows shot. 

We almost had a recurve bowman young lady pull out a win over a young compound bowman girl as well. Aby Jonovich led the round at 4-2, then Shaylee Smith came on strong and finished the last 3 ends to win the Jade flight.

Congratulations to all the competitors and Thank You to all the support from 3G shooters and Corner Kidz. Without their support to put on this tournament, it wouldn’t have happen. We look forward to an even larger field of archers next year and at the Indoor Copper Classic next month.

2016 Copper Classic Results and Story

Here is the event Story and Qualifying scores posted by 3G Archery.

” Copper Classic 2016 is in the books.

Couple of Fun Facts:

  • Jeremy Corridori perfect 300 score and won the Copper flight with only dropping 4 points out of the next 67 arrows. Paxton LaSatz almost made Jeremy shoot for the win,but a one arrow shoot off gave Jeremy the solid win by winning all 5 round robins. Great Shooting Jeremy, Maybe next year, last years winner Nathan Yamaguchi will come back to challenge you for the Copper Championship.
  • While the Turquoise flight champion is Tom Pollei,
  • Quarts Flight took Caytie Belzner 3 one arrow shoot off’s to win. She worked hard for that trophy but proved that experience pays off.
  • Jade flight winner was 3 seeded Adam Vainauskas by winning all his matches agains compound and recurve alike.
  • In the Amethyst flight (Bowman/Cub) the win goes to Keil Amundsen who also won all of his matches. 

We hope everyone had a great time. Pictures to follow shortly but here is a list of Ranking round scores.

Stone Hendrickson 264 Comp Bowman Male
Cole Lickfeldt 208 Comp Bowman Male

Shaylee Smith 226 Comp Bowman Female

Chloe Hendrickson 237 Rec Cub Female

Kiel Amundsen 286 Comp Cub Male
Zach Neilson 266 Comp Cub Male
Gus Clark 240 Comp Cub Male

Allyson Liguori 215 Comp Cub Female

Zoey Wapniarski 258 Rec Cadet Female

Jeremy Corridori 300 Comp Cadet Male
Logan Sampsel 297 Comp Cadet Male
Vance LeSatz 294 Comp Cadet Male
Travis Levario 293 Comp Cadet Male
Zachary Sornoza 286 Comp Cadet Male
Sean Kerby 285 Comp Cadet Male

Claudia Wilcox 290 Comp Cadet Female
Elisa Keller 289 Comp Cadet Female

Paxton LeSatz 298 Comp Junior Male

Danii Gunn 283 Comp Junior Female

Adam Vainauskas 253 Rec Senior Male

Matthew Fyffe 297 Comp Senior Male
Tom Pollei 292 Comp Senior Male
Anthony Castiglione 245 Comp Senior Male

Abigail Jonovich 256 Rec Bowman Female
Ava Burden 183 Rec Bowman Female

Lesley Whaley 285 Comp Senior Female

Courtney Walth 259 Rec Master Male
Arthur Stanley 207 Rec Master Male

Walter Smith 287 Comp Master Male
David Hash 287 Comp Master Male
Richard Orth 284 Comp Master Male
Bud Lord 279 Comp Master Male

Caytie Belzner 278 Comp Master Female
Stephanie Lord 273 Comp Master Female

Janice Walth VI 122 VI Comp Senior Male “

2016 Papago Artic Challenge, Dec 10


Get ready to shoot a 900 round tournament in the ‘cold’ Arizona weather. The Arctic Challenge is an annual event hosted by Papago Archery Association. This is the perfect event for archers, both new & seasoned, to come out and train in the colder weather and have some fun. If this is your first time competing or your hundredth…this is the perfect tournament for you.

For a link to the Papago Info and registration page – Click Here

2016 AAC Money maker Shoot, Dec 17-18

Live Scoring Links have been added to  to follow the competition results.  
–  Click Here for Ranking Round Results 
–  Click Here for Ianseo Main Page

When: December 17th and 18th
Where: Arizona Archery Club Main Range
Early entry: $75 Early  (register by 12/1) 
Late Entry: $90 (after 12/1)
ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE DONE BY CHECK or CASH. PAYABLE TO “Arizona Archery Club JOAD” WE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS!!! (proceeds go straight to our JOAD program) Tournament Payouts are estimated and based off of a 50 shooter total. Only Full Payment and Completion of form below guarantees your spot!

—Tournament Layout—

17th Sat – 300 Vegas 3 spot
18th Sun – 300 Vegas 3 spot
Scores from Saturday and Sunday are cumulative (600)
$$$ Sunday Money Maker Shootout $$$

Shoot is broken down into 2 classes: Open & Bow Hunter
For questions regarding classes please email Chris Escarcega @

 —Shoot payouts are Flighted—

Flight placement determined by Cumulative score from Saturday and Sunday

Open Class: 3 Flights (3 shooters per flight) Top 9 shooters will be flighted

Bow Hunter Class: 2 Flights (3 shooters per flight) Top 6 shooters will be flighted.  Flighted shooters will have be in the Money Maker Shootout Sunday evening

Shoot off will consist of:
1 round of practice followed by 2 ends of regular Vegas scoring, followed by inner to scoring (x is 10) until the winner of each flight is determined

There are NO Youth/Women/Traditional divisions. We encourage those of you interested to compete!

Scores will be live and posted on IANSEO

Products being Given away will be updated as they arrive at the AAC!

PAYOUTS: 75% Payout to shooters and 25% to our JOAD program
Payouts are only guaranteed if we have 50 shooters total if number exceeds 50 the payouts will grow accordingly!!! We estimate after last years turnout to break the 50 shooter mark.


Flight 1 – $700 +$250 check (AAE),$300,$200
Flight 2 – $150,125,$100
Flight 3 – $125,$100,$75

Flight 1 – $325 + $250 check (Right Toyota),$175,$125
Flight 2 – $125,$100,$75


For a link to the Online registration – Click Here