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Story by AZ Board Member Kristy W.

“Many of our Arizona archers spent the past week in Raleigh, NC to compete in the 2018 JOAD Outdoor Nationals. All of the archers did a fantastic job representing AZ and made us proud! Congratulations to everyone on their performance and success and a huge shout out to those that returned with the title of NATIONAL CHAMPION!!

Front row left to right
Waylon Hjerpe (National Champion), Stone Hendrickson, Chris Mussman, Jackson Mirich, Andrew Park, Chris Austin

Back Row Left to right
Spencer Yee, Thompson Wagner, Logan Sampsel, Zoey Wapniarski, Vance LeSatz, Alexis Ruiz (National Champion), Molly Nugent, Raley Morgan, Kate Stains, Whitney Jensen, Elisa Keller, Ashlyn Merritt, Preston Atkins, Kolbe Borelli

Not Pictured
Cooper French (National Champion), Maya Miller, Christopher Mozilo, Grace Reed, Kolin Tersey, Kaitlin Kreidler

2018 Summer Sizzle, Aug 4-5

Registration for the Summer Sizzle has now opened.   This years Summer Sizzle is being held at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility  Archery/ Air Pistol Indoor Range on August 4-5, 2018.   

Star FITA 25M/18M Format

Recurve Bow and Barebow – 2 – 600 rounds, one from 25 meters, one from 18 meters; 25 Meters will have a choice of 60cm single spot or vertical. 18 Meters will have a choice of 40cm single spot or vertical. Must shoot same type of target at both distances. Outer 10 scoring on both distances.

Compound Bow- 2 – 600 rounds, one from 25 meters, one from 18 meters; 25 Meters will have a choice of 60cm single spot or vertical. 18 Meters will have a choice of 40cm single spot or vertical. Must shoot same type of target at both distances. Inner 10 scoring on both distances

For a full description of the event, and a link to Online Registration click on the link below.

Click Here – 2018 Summer Sizzle


2018 AZ State JOAD Outdoor, Apr 28-29

Registration for the 2018 AZ State JOAD Outdoor is now open.  This years event is being held at the Ben Avery FITA Range on April 28-29th.   Late Registration Fees will begin on April 20th, 2018.

There will be a brief USA Archery – Arizona general membership meeting held prior to the shooter meeting and official practice on Sunday morning.

Something special for the parents this year. On Saturday April 28th, there will be a Guest Adult Money Shoot run at the same time as the kids.  

For information and links to Online registration, please visit click on the links below.

Click Here – AZ JOAD Outdoor Registration

Click Here – Guest Money Shoot Registration

List of registered archers – JOAD

List of registered archers – Money Shoot

2018 AZ Cup Results

The 2018 AZ Cup was a huge success with over 580 registered archers.  Thanks to all the Archers, Judges and Volunteers that helped make this year event so Great.

You can visit to see how your favorite archer’s did.  The scores can be found at this link.

Click Here – Between Ends, 2018 AZ Cup

USA Archery also had many great photos of the event.  They can be found at this link.

Click Here – USA Archery Photos


USA Archery High Draw Policy

USA Archery has released a new “High Draw” procedure for Judges to follow at all registered USA events.  This policy is based off of World Archery rules, and can ultimately end in a disqualification of the archer if their “Form” is not altered.

It is important for JOAD Clubs, Coaches and Parents to be aware of the safety policy.  We don’t want our archers learning a new shooting form during an event, and we really do not want them to be dis-qualified and asked to leave.

Here is the text of the USA Archery Policy Procedure released to judges.  Below I have attached a link to the actual USA Archery High Draw policy PDF.

”  USAA High Draw Procedures

What is considered a High Draw?
High Draw as defined by World Archery Rule Book 3, art. 12.9: An athlete, when drawing back the string of his bow uses any technique which, in the opinion of the Judges, could allow the arrow, if accidentally released, to fly beyond a safety zone or safety arrangements (overshoot area, net, wall etc.).

Notes from the WA Judge Guidelines:
The Judge must consider the position of the bow arm and the direction of the arrow at the moment the string is pulled back.  Besides, it is a fact that there is more reason to be concerned about compound athletes than recurve, as the latter has more control vis-à-vis an unintentional release.

During the last couple of years, we have also seen that several athletes are pulling their bow sidewise, which especially in a Finals field means that the pull in fact is directed towards the spectators. This is of course not acceptable, and have to be picked up by the judges as early as possible.

Considering these parameters, there will always be wise to have more Judges to study the athlete in question, also involving the Chairperson. Taking a picture at the critical point in the draw or a video of the archer in action can be helpful to show the archer what the judge is seeing.

When is High Draw enforced?
Archers determined to be using/utilizing a high draw shall be notified at any USA Archery sanctioned event.

What is the procedure for notifying the archer?
• The judge who identifies an archer with a high draw shall observe the archer shoot several times.
• The same judge will ask the opinion of other judges on the field.
• Having a consensus with other judges, the issue is then discussed with the Chair of Judges (COJ).
• IF the COJ upholds the high draw assessment, he/she will speak to the coach or parent of the archer. If no coach or parent is present, then the COJ will talk directly with the archer. The COJ will ask the archer to adjust their draw process. If this cannot be done, the COJ may ask the archer to stop shooting.
• It is important for the line judge to keep checking back during the event.
• The line judge may even take photos of the archer to support their assessment.

What are the consequences for the archer who fails to act on a high draw call?
As outlined in WA Rule Book 3, art. 12.9: If an athlete persists in using such a technique, he shall, in the interest of safety, be asked by the Chairperson of the Tournament Judge Commission (COJ) or the Director of Shooting (DOS) to stop shooting immediately and
to leave the field.

Additionally, WA Rule Book 3, art. 15.1.8 An athlete who persists in using a dangerous method of drawing the string in the opinion of the Judges, shall be asked by the chairperson of the Tournament Judge Commission (COJ) or the Director of Shooting (DOS) to stop shooting immediately and shall be disqualified (see Article 12.9). …”


Click Here – USAA Archery High Draw Procedures