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USA Archery SafeSport Training Update.

On January 16, 2018 USA Archery sent out notice that the New SafeSport training is up an running.  There are new requirements regarding the Safesport training renewals.  Please make sure to log on to your USA Archery account and review.  Below is the Notice sent out by USA Archery.

“……..The previously announced online SafeSport training courses are now available directly through your USA Archery account. Moving forward, SafeSport certifications must be renewed every two years, and the training will no longer be one course, but will include three separate online courses:

  • Emotional and Physical Misconduct
  • Mandatory Reporting
  • Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education

When you have successfully completed all three courses, the SafeSport certification will automatically be added to your account.

How to access and complete the new SafeSport training courses:

  • Log in to your USA Archery member account: https://usarchery.sport80.com/login
  • Select SafeSport in the menu under your name
  • Click on “Add SafeSport”
  • Click on the course you want to take
  • Click on the button “Start/Resume Course” to begin the course

Each course will be added to your account as soon as you start the training. If you wish to complete the courses in different sessions, you will be able to log in and click on “Pending Approval” next to the course you wish to complete, and then follow the link to continue training.

Once you have successfully completed all three training courses, a certificate of completion will automatically be emailed to you.

Important Notes: Anyone who has taken the previous SafeSport Training will have until June 30th, 2018 to complete the 3 new courses. Your certification will be valid for two years, and other courses will become available periodically.

Who needs to take the training? SafeSport is a required course for any club employee, volunteer, instructor, coach, judge, administrator or member who is formally appointed to a position of authority over, or will have direct contact with athletes within a USA Archery Club event or activity. For more information on USA Archery’s SafeSport policies, including the Code and reporting procedures, click here.

The U.S. Center for SafeSport, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, works collaboratively with sport organizations to foster a culture of safety by raising awareness, centralizing best practices, and providing education and training to promote respect and prevent abuse. The Center encompasses two offices – one for education and outreach, and one for response and resolution. Learn more: https://www.safesport.org.

Please contact certifications@usarchery.org for more information…..”

2016 Arizona CUP Results

The 2016 AAE AZ CUP has come to an end.  Many AZ JOAD Archers shot great despite the weather, and landed on the podium this weekend.  Congratulations to all the archers who shot.  

AZ JOAD archers that made it to the podium.

  • Ashlyn Merritt – Gold Qualifying, Silver Finals.
  • Brian Bullis – Gold Qualifying.
  • Cooper French – Bronze Finals.
  • Jeremy Corridori – Silver Qualifying.
  • Paxton LeSatz –  Bronze Qualifying.

Here is the link to the complete event scoring.

2016 AZ Cup Result on Ianseo – Click Here

2016 AZ Cup Results – Complete Book


2015 Desert Classic Results

Fun was had by all.  Team Rounds and Head to Head Elimination rounds are always an archer favorite.  This year had many combined age classes, which made for interesting matches.  

To end on a high note, we finished up with awards and made it out of there just as it started to rain on Sunday afternoon.  

The results can be found here – Qualification Round – Recurve Combined 30m Elimination Round – Recurve Combined 50m Elimination Round – Compound Combined 30m Elimination Round – Compound Combined 50m Elimination Round


2015 Copper Classic Story – Results

5th Annual Copper Classic, November 2015.

This tournament was originally designed to teach young archers the ropes of head to head competition. It since has evolved into a tournament that not only introduces new archers to this type of competition, it also brings together archers from all different archery disciplines, USA, ASA and NFAA. Many archers, who usually focus on shooting 3D, crossed over to enjoy this head to head shoot out.  All competitors were eager to see how they stacked up against others they might face in Vegas.

On Saturday youth archers competed in USA divisions Bowman to Cadet, with Sunday reserved for Junior’s to Masters. On Saturday I witnessed a few new archers starting to understand the idea of “The only arrow that matters is the one on your bow right now!”  Even though you are down 4 set points to 0, you still have a chance to win, if you focus on just that ONE arrow. The nice thing about set points vs. cumulative points is one bad arrow won’t ruin the entire match.

The First part of each day consisted of a 300 ranking round. The archers were then divided into flights of 8 to compete in head to head matches.  The flights were determined by ranking round scores, regardless of age, bow, or gender.  This was an excellent opportunity to truly see archers compete based only on ability.

With the new “Inner Ten” for Compound rule change, competition was evened out. On both days recurve archers made it into the Top Copper Flight.   Saturday’s overall 2015 Copper Classic Champion was Jeremy Corridori.  Sunday’s overall 2015 Copper Classic Champion was Nathan Yamaguchi, one of Arizona’s Resident Athletes from the Chula Vista Olympic training center. The clubs own Chris Escarsega was top qualifying archer for Sunday, and Jeremy Corridori was top qualifying archer for Saturday.

2015 Copper Classic Results

2015 Papago Artic Challenge, Dec 12

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Registration Link

The 900 round tournaments hosted by Papago Archery Association (PAA) are the perfect “first time” outdoor tournament for archers of all ages, especially the youth, and fun shoots for any archer that enjoys a little friendly competition.


December 12th, 2015 (Saturday)
Check in: 8:30 am  
(Onsite registration will NOT be accepted)
Official Practice (minimum 2 ends): 9:00 am
First Round will begin after official practice.

Papago Park Archery Range
6201 E Oak Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008

$30 for Senior & Master Divisions
$25 for all Youth Divisions (Bowman through Junior)
$50 Late registration fee for all divisions (After December 5th, 2015)

900 Round on 122cm target faces* – Archers will shoot three (3) rounds at three (3) different distances. Each round will be 30 arrows (5 ends of 6 arrows).  There will be a break between the middle and short distances.

*Bales with only compound archers (Division Cub-Master) will use (2) 122 cm five ring center spot target faces. Lanes will be identified when tentative lane assignments are posted.

Divisions & Distances:
Barebow or Genesis, Recurve Bow, Compound Bow
Master, Senior & Junior 60/50/40M
Cadet 50/40/30M
Cub 40/30/20M
Bowman 30/25/20M
Yeoman 20/15/10M

*All archers are allowed to shoot up in a higher division if desired.

USAA rules apply. Equipment and Arrow size limitations per USAA Rules and Regulations. Please see link below for more details.

USA Archery Arizona: http://www.azjoad.com/main/forms/USAA-AZ_Tournament_Rules_and_Procedures_Summary-March-04-2013.pdf


2015 Copper Classic, Nov 7-8 (Event Changed)

Big Changes made to the Event. 

  • Copper Classic is now Inner 10 for compound, Outer 10 for recurve.
  • There is NO Cut, all competitor who compete in the ranking rounds will be allowed to stay and shoot in the head to head competition.

On November 7 & 8 Arizona Archery Club is hosting the Copper Classic.  November 7th is for Youth, November 8th is for Adults.
Here is a link of the event flyer – 2015 Copper Classic Flyer
Online Registration can found here – Online Registration Link