USA Archery announces rules changes for 2016

1 – National events WILL now be using Inner Ten scoring in the Compound Bowman and Cub classes.  Here is the actual text from the press release.  “……USA Archery, with the consideration and approval of the JOAD Committee, is making changes for the JOAD National Indoor Championships format. Compound Cub and Bowman will now score using the inner 10-ring.  This change will make the scoring for these two age classes the same as what they shoot in  the National Indoor Championships……”

2 – Also, Barebow has been added as a seperate class at the National events. Here is the text from the press release. “…. Additionally, Barebow has been added to the National Indoor program as a developmental division……”

3 – USA Archery has released their ruling on the new World Archery total ban on Camo.  Here is the text from the press release.  “……USA Archery is also releasing an update on Camo. Early in 2015, World Archery published an updated by-law to the rules governing Camo clothing and equipment. Camo colors are those traditionally found in nature: blacks, greys, greens, sand, beige, and whites (forest or desert situations). These new by-laws, which apply to World Archery events from World Ranking tournaments to multi-sport games, Continental Championships, World Championships and Olympic/Paralympic Games, state the following:

  • Book 3 Target – Chapter 11 – Article 11.3.3: Athlete equipment shall not include camouflage colors of any kind.
  • Book 3 Target – Chapter 20 – Article 20.1.1: No demin, jeans or camouflage clothes and equipment may be worn, no any oversize or baggy type pants or shorts.
  • Book 4 Field and 3D – Chapter 33 – Article 33.3: Clothing and equipment shall not be camouflage. 

USA Archery has determined that we will allow camo colored equipment at all sanctioned events. Camo clothing is still not allowed. This new by-law will impact any archer who plans on attending the 2016 Arizona Cup because it is World Ranking Event for both able-body and Para athletes.  

For questions related to the indoor events schedule and registration, please contact National Events Manager Sheri Rhodes at For a complete list of USA Archery sanctioned tournaments, including state championship events, click here……….”